22 December, 2018


You probably have an overdose of Jawa name in the coming days. The truth is that it is not impossible to get excited by born-again Jawas. It launched in the 60s. With the arrival of compact fuel-efficient Japanese fast track bike, Jawa has to fade away from the motorcycle scene. Consequently, the new Jawas built within temporary standards look like that how to set aside scores. Then we write about the definite verdict, the story behind the iconic brands of Jawa. As a result, we can have two old new Jawas as of today. Jawa 42 is the cheapest of 2019 and it costs Rs1.55 lakh. The classic model of Jawa is called very simply the Jawa. Both motorcycles made on the identical platform which constitute the double paired frame, 18-inch wheel of the front, 17-inch wheel of the rear and beautifully drafted 293cc motor. The Jawa 42 has flatter wider handlebar and a headlight in meter simply old school but almost like the older one.


I like the Jawa because it is almost a replica of the old bike and classic legends did an amendable job with retaining the elegance of the bike. Jawa bikes take over the talk and terms of engine specifications either the 293cc motor making of its first sign in India. Its features include single cylinder, 4stroke, liquid cooling, and DOH as well. The engine produces 27HP, 28Nm torque and a 6-speed gearbox standard. But a mixture of fantastic element beautifully replicated to massive twin bikes and old bikes. Unfortunately in this modern times a kick starter goal on the valuable feature. Above all the charming kickstart and gear shift combination has been done away. Subsequently, the suspension has taken care of by the telescopic torque and shock absorbers. Both of which suits the classic styling of these bikes. The only disappointment is that it has a single journey ABS. The rear holds 153mm rum break. The tire is MRF which is a standard on both bearings and tube tires. Jawa has basic symptoms to the cycle parts. It has 170kg of curb weight and it is an appreciable fact that it is 22kg lighter than Royal Enfield. The 765mm seat height favors the riders and seat is not generously padded.


Jawa Perak revised in specifications to the new Jawa. The engine is 334cc, single cylinder, 4 strokes, liquid cooled and DOH. It has the power of 30HP and 31Nm torque. Factory custom is evident in its single seat setup. It also has heavily revised rearing with features of mono shock and smaller size wheel. Jawa said to be frequency configuration of Perak as well and its price declared at 1.89 lakh rupees.


It is an offshoot and it is not completely true to the old styling. It retains the classic lines and the only difference is the position of handlebars which is shattered. That gives the rider a little bit committed stand. The riding position is very comfortable moreover it is useful for long rides. The handlebar scattered and is the slightly lower difference in the classic it is higher and curves. Apart from that when we are sitting on that we can see that height is 765mm and is comfortable for a person who is a short rider in that perspective.


Headlamp splendor is short, black braces are there. The suspension has a black strap. The speed pot oriented towards the right and the handlebar did in black. The pattern of the seat is different. Classic is really working and going to be well finished basic speedometer and gear. However, the wires concealed well. The five steps adjustable suspension with shock absorbers on the stiffer sides. ABS works very well. Headlamps did well and get some concentric circles which supposed to resemble the Jawa logo. I loved it and it astonishes us. We have an option to listen to the difference in exhaust sound. After adjusting the DB killer positions. There are three different positions without having to remove the DB killer. Fourth sound is when you remove it. Fifth is if you replace the end can.


Jawa is powerful but not simple. But the new Jawa is simple and powerful. When we come to know about the old Jawa it will add up to the beauty of our awaiting news for new Jawa. It stopped its sale before 22 years. It’s coming back soon. Jawa is a passion. However, Jawa is a bike with 2 strokes 2500cc, single carbon 2 exhaust motorbike. The none manufacturing bike has about 54club in India. Jawa is going to be a turning point. It helps in the long run. It’s because of peoples inevitable passion towards the vehicle made them be reintroduced.


Recently announced Jawa motorcycle range, pricing and styling are in direct competition for Royal Enfield 350 range. Moreover, if we are looking for the better one it has to be the new ABS enabled classic 350 signal addition to the closest arrival. Performance wise both the motorcycles powered single cylinder engine. Similarities therein Engine 345 cc Royal Enfield single cylinder air cooled power 19.8HP and 28Nm torque. Jawa engine is 293cc, single cylinder, liquid cooled, power 27HP, 28Nm torque. The key point is that Jawa has the liquid cooled engine with double overhead camshaft making it the more liable and modern one. Coming to the gearbox Jawa has the 6-speed one while the classic 350 has 5 speed one. Weight wise Jawa has 178kg and for Royal Enfield classic 350 has 192kg. That means 22kg lesser, Jawa in terms of easier handling. The Jawa with twin exhaust, the fuel tank of 14litre and seat weight 765mm definitely has competition for single exhaust, 13.5litre fuel tank, and 888mm seat weight.