11 December, 2018


Scooters are back in action. They take away the limelight the bikes logged for several years. We are always behind chasing our dreams. For the advancement, we are depending on the scooters as it’s part. Since they appear to be more flexible and economical than colossal vehicles. We depend on it especially to commute our travel. The manufacturers fabricated varieties of scooters for every age group. In this present era, it is an immense pursuit.


We live in a time of extraordinary uncertainty. Recently scooters seek our attention. It is the best recourse to replace our bikes with scooters. I felt that buying it would be the best decisions of your life. I swear that it would flood you with millions of benefits. Scooters facilitate you to resolve small works at once.


Scooters are easy to ride. Scooter’s fuel efficiency is as good as a motorcycle and is much comfortable to ride. The numerous launches lined up by the players in the coming months. The stigma attached that gearless scooters are built for females exists no more. Scooters are cosmopolitan. It paved way for a new unexplored method for manufacturers. As a result, men continue to buy scooters. The numerous launches lined up by the players in the coming months. Day by day there is an increase in acceptability by smaller towns. This indicates that scooters will soon own half of the Indian roads.


It was in the year 1948 when the Pune based automaker Bajaj Auto imported geared Vespa scooters and introduced it on Indian roads, thus becoming the first scooter dealer in the country. Till the mid-1980s, it enjoyed a near monopoly in the Indian market, facing competition from the alliance of Piaggio and LML. However, from the mid-1980s, when demand for motorcycles took off in a big way, scooters started losing its popularity.

Things took a turn around in 2000 when Japanese auto giant Honda introduced the gearless scooter Activa in the Indian market. In no time, it became a grand success and kicked off a new era of gearless scooters in the Indian auto market. Easy to maintain and fun to ride, scooters have become immensely popular among Indian two-wheeler buyers. From a nominal market share of 14℅ in the financial year 2007, scooters now command over 31.9℅ of the total two-wheeler sales in the country.


Boon of scooters would assist you to cement your decision regarding the selection. The launch of scooters mesmerized the people in every aspect. Never give up on something you really want. Fulfill your dreams by owning a scooter.


Scooters reduce our journey time. It would be utterly true if I mean to say that it’s a time-saving machine. We can rush to our destiny without any failure. The traffic flow won’t affect us.


Scooters facilitate us to save money. According to professional researchers, scooters are economical. Even our expenditure on insurance payment is also less comparatively.


Expert studies explored that 1 in 10 drivers switch to scooters. Because of this, there is 63℅ reduction in a travel time. Almost 25℅ shift from cars to scooters can eliminate traffic congestion entirely. If we are able to save at least 50℅ of our precious time. Then it’s a benediction from heaven in this demanding world.


If we are always on the go, scooters become a good companion. For everyone whether they are employed or unemployed, it’s beneficial to them in all aspects. When we rely on other services sometimes it’s time-consuming. Nowadays due to the hike in the fuel prices, bus fare also raised. There are scooters to accommodate most sizes and requirements needed to ride safely. Unfortunately, if we met with an accident this means that you will have to a payout of pocket for any bodily injury or damages to the scooter. Of course, if we drive safely and carefully it will lessen our chances of an accident. I would suggest for precautions to protect yourself from clashes. To avoid crash injuries we can wear a helmet, knee pads or arm pads. Fueling our car seems to drain our financial resources. In conclusion, scooters act as a savior in all aspects.


Scooters after having grown at a faster pace to motorcycles for eight consecutive years are lagging behind in growth. Data for the first five months of the 2018 calendar year shows motorcycles sales have grown at over 22℅ compared at a growth of about 15%  in scooters. In India, worlds biggest two-wheeler market, motorcycles sales grew at 6.44℅ in 2017, less than half compared to the 14 % growth in scooters. The last time motorcycles managed to grow faster than scooters was during 2009. However, in the first five months of this calendar year, sales of motorcycles expanded 22.4% to 5.7 million units. Scooter sales grew at 15.68℅  to 2.84 million units. These are sales from manufacturers to dealerships. In each of the last four months, the rate of growth for scooters has been stronger to motorcycles. In the last two months of April and May, motorcycles grew at 19.38% and 15.16℅. We could observe a decline of 1.40%.


scooters are used daily for moving out and in some countries its a way of life. Including myself, most of us are fascinated by this ever charming beauty. Mostly all of them are using scooters. Gradually there is a growth in the price of scooters as well as its price. Conventional bikes have long been a popular option for people living in cities. Scooters are a perfect solution for zipping through the traffic. Moreover, they take up less space than a car. However, it’s time to thank the way technology is getting smarter.