About Us

What is the purpose of Bikeleague India (The vision)?

To share our passion and knowledge of motorcycles in India with the public so that they can get professional advice, suggestions and information to make better choices or help them in taking right decisions in the field of motorcycles and scooters.

How does Bikeleague India implement the purpose (The mission)?

The vision can be made a reality only with the help of implementors. In our case, the implementors are our dedicated team. Proud to present you the details of Bikeleague India team below.

Our team is smaller than our competitors, but we all are passionate about our work, and everyone clearly knows the why or the purpose of the website. Our team consists of dedicated web developers, back-end developers, SEO strategists, and content writers to implement the vision of the website. Yes, we are technical guys, but we always think from the end user’s perspective.

Golden Circle of Bikeleague India
Golden Circle of Bikeleague India


Hiran Narayanan

Founder & Web Developer

Joshi Jose

Junior Web Developer & Content Manager

Lazio Leo

Junior Web Developer & Content Manager

Sahadha R K

Junior Web Developer & Content Manager

Sukanya CC

Junior SEO specialist

Sumitha V S

Junior SEO Specialist

What is the end result of Bikeleague India (The outcome)?

The result or outcome of the website is a dedicated wordpress website offering extensive information about motorcycles, scooters, and EV motorcycles and scooters in India. This includes specs, images, features, user reviews, overviews, ratings, verdicts, pros, cons, etc, about each model launched in India. Along with that, website also includes / plans to include


  1. Articles Section
  2. Bike loan EMI calculator
  3. Bike Comparison Tool
  4. Latest Ex Showroom prices of all models available in India
  5. Contact Us / Get in Touch page
  6. Social media channels


  1. News section
  2. Latest On road prices of all models available in India
  3. On-road price calculator
  4. Youtube channel