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Yezdi Yezdi also known as Ideal Jawa (India) Ltd is an Indian motorcycle company located in Mysore. At the beginning of 1960, the license of Jawa Motorcycles was sold under the brand name Jawa. And from 1973 as Yezdi. These bikes were the preferred rally bikes during the 80s and ’90s. Jawa and Yezdi bikes, especially with fuel tank padding and ignition systems on the fuel tank, are now collectors’ items. Unfortunately, the company stopped production in 1996. Though the Yezdi bikes are vintage to the present day, many people in India are really into bikes and own them. Several bike enthusiasts and bike clubs still exist across the country, and some even organize long-distance rallies.

Ideal Jawa exported models to over 61 countries worldwide before the company shut its doors in 1996, including Turkey, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Egypt, etc. Guatemala was supplied with custom White Yezdi Roadkings for their Police forces. Some Yezdi 175s were provided to an oil company in Ghana. A model exported to Venezuela was called the Yezdi 250 MT. A few Yezdi Monarchs were used for Pizza delivery in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Starting January 13, 2022, three models are on Indian roads from Yezdi – Adventure, Roadster, and Scrambler. The Yezdi Scrambler is one of the cool-looking bikes ever that went on sale in India. This motorcycle has a combination of good features, good performance, and styling that makes this motorcycle quite aspirational. Yezdi Adventure is an entry-level premium adventure motorcycle with excellent comfort, features, and performance. This is one for all tarmac, dirt, or rocks. Yezdi Roadster is a street bike that has the power to command and dominates in design. This bike is the most affordable Yezdi one can buy in India.


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