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Odysse Electric Vehicles Pvt. Ltd is a leading player in India’s rapidly evolving electric mobility sector. Since our establishment in 2020 by the visionary Nemin Vora, we have been committed to producing cutting-edge electric scooters and electric bikes that seamlessly blend futuristic designs with eco-friendly technologies. As part of the esteemed Vora group of companies focusing on automobile-based products, Odysse inherits a rich legacy in the automotive industry, renowned for its environmentally conscious solutions.

Our journey began with the firm foundation of the Vora group, renowned for its expertise in manufacturing CNG and LPG conversion kits for conventional petrol vehicles, contributing significantly to reducing harmful emissions. Building on this experience in sustainable technology, we set our sights on the electric vehicle landscape in 2017, recognizing the growing demand for green alternatives in India’s dynamic transportation sector.

Located in the vibrant city of Ahmedabad, our operations thrive within a sprawling facility spanning 1.5-2.0 acres, showcasing our dedication to bolstering the domestic electric vehicle manufacturing ecosystem. With a current production capacity of 7,500 units per annum and a steadfast mission to expand to 15,000 units annually, we are committed to meeting the escalating demand for electric two-wheelers in the Indian market.

One of the distinguishing features is our strategic partnership with the esteemed Italian brand Lovato, a collaboration that spans two decades. This partnership underscores our commitment to excellence, integrating global best practices and cutting-edge technology into our product offerings. Emphasizing our dedication to delivering superior quality and advanced technology to our consumers.

At Odysse, we offer an exclusive range of electric scooters and electric bikes, including the Hawk, Racer, and Evoqis, meticulously crafted to provide an unparalleled riding experience while minimizing environmental impact. With an emphasis on top-notch components and materials, our electric two-wheelers are not just efficient but also stylish, embodying the perfect blend of aesthetics and sustainability.


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