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Odysse Electric Vehicles Pvt. Ltd is a part of the Vora group of companies that varied line of businesses with a primary focus on automobile-based products. It is an Indian company from Gujarat with experience in green tech that has now entered the EV space with its two-wheelers. The company says that its background has always been in eco-friendly products, one of its core businesses being converting petrol vehicles to CNG and LPG. They have a joint venture with the legendary Italian brand Lovato and now their exclusive distributor in India for the last 20 years. Being in the green space for this long prompted them in 2017 to diversify into the electric vehicle space. The facility at Ahmedabad spreads across 1.5-2.0 acres. Currently, the company’s production capacity is 7,500 units per annum, and they have plans to expand the facility to accommodate 15,000 units a year.