ADMS ebikes is a prominent Indian manufacturer of electric two-wheeler vehicles, specialising in both scooters and motorbikes. They are known for their commitment to promoting green technology and providing eco-friendly transportation solutions.

ADMS offers a diverse range of electric mobility solutions, featuring an extensive lineup of electric scooters and bikes to cater to various needs and budgets. Among the popular electric scooters are models such as Mantra, EG2, GTR, EVA, DB, TTX and Marvel. These scooters deliver impressive 60-150 km ranges per charge and boast advanced features like digital instrument clusters, LED headlights, tubeless tires, and regenerative braking. Complementing their scooter range, ADMS also produces electric bikes with sporty designs and robust performance, including the ADMS M3 and an upcoming model named E-Bullet. These electric bikes showcase ranges of 70-120 km per charge and come equipped with high-end specifications such as Bosch motors, hydraulic disc brakes, and alloy wheels.ADMS stands at the forefront of providing efficient and stylish electric mobility solutions for many users.

ADM’s e-bikes are driven by a sustainability mission committed to advancing eco-friendly transportation alternatives and mitigating carbon emissions. The company specialises in producing environmentally conscious vehicles with a vision of fostering a cleaner and greener future. Innovation is at the core of ADMS, as they consistently channel resources into research and development, aiming to deliver state-of-the-art electric vehicle technology. Their focus lies in creating electric two-wheelers that exemplify efficiency and reliability and boast cutting-edge features. Customer satisfaction takes precedence for ADMS, and they demonstrate this commitment through exceptional after-sales support. With an extensive network of dealerships and service centres spanning across India, the company ensures that customers receive comprehensive assistance, reinforcing their dedication to providing a seamless and satisfying experience for all stakeholders.

Overall, ADMS e-bikes is a promising player in the Indian electric vehicle market, offering a variety of scooters and bikes to cater to different needs and preferences. Their commitment to sustainability, innovation, and customer satisfaction makes them a popular choice for environmentally conscious riders.


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