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Hope Electric, established in 2020 by Ketan Mehta, Nikhil Bhatia, and Rahil Gupta, stands as a trailblazing climate-tech startup within the new energy automotive sector. The company aims to shape a sustainable future by introducing innovative products and cutting-edge technologies. Company models contain a diverse range of electric two-wheelers, including the high-speed HOP OXO, mid-speed HOP LEO, and low-speed HOP LYF. Hop Electric has created a comprehensive portfolio tailored to different target segments. The company has a robust in-house R&D team and a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. The company has a 150+ Hop Experience Centers network across 15+ states in India.

Hop Electric’s forward-looking vision exemplifies its commitment to shifting 90% of two-wheeler sales to electric by 2030. This ambitious goal aligns with global climate action initiatives, aiming to save 11 billion tons of CO2 and 1 million barrels of oil daily. The company’s timeline reflects its growth from the stealth stage to its current position. Milestones like the development of smart hot swap Li-Ion battery technology, battery swapping stations, and an IoT stack and ride-sharing platform mark it. Hop Electric has secured significant funding, with $2.6 million in seed capital, and holds a key position under the Government of India’s ₹26,058 Crore PLI Scheme.

Hop Electric’s impact is measurable, with over 11,000 electric two-wheelers sold. It covers more than 17 million electric kilometers and saving approximately ₹31,251,905 in fuel costs. The company’s commitment to reducing environmental impact is further underscored by its plan to develop a 60-acre futuristic technologies manufacturing industrial park, Hop Gigaplex, in Neemrana. With a strong leadership team and a commitment to innovation, the company is positioned at the forefront of the sustainable mobility revolution.


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