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Keeway originating in Hungary in 1999, swiftly established itself as a globally recognized brand known for its innovative design, thrilling performance, and competitive pricing in the two-wheeler market. This rapid ascent solidified Keeway’s position in the fiercely competitive European market and expanded its influence to North America, South America, Asia, and India. keeway’s products, now spanning 98 countries, are synonymous with high-quality and reliable performance offered at a competitive price point, pleasing riders worldwide.

Our vision at Keeway is to become a leading global motorcycle brand celebrated for exceptional quality and captivating design, resonating deeply with consumers worldwide. With a history steeped in technological innovation spanning over a century, we aim to elevate the standard of urban transportation on two wheels. Aligned with our vision, our mission is to ensure satisfaction among all stakeholders – our dedicated employees, esteemed customers, and valued partners. We foster a collective passion for motorcycles and strive to offer solutions for urban transportation while upholding environmental responsibility as a fundamental ethos.

Integrity, accountability, and innovation are our core values at Keeway. Our global team embodies these values, uniting with professionalism to consistently improve and set high-quality standards across our operation. As Keeway moves forward, we remain committed to crafting exceptional motorcycles, nurturing a culture of innovation and responsibility, and continuing to exceed the expectations of riders worldwide. Join us in our journey as we redefine the riding experience, merging innovation, quality, and passion to create extraordinary motorcycle journeys for riders across the globe.


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