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Okaya Electric Vehicles is India’s no. 1 charging station manufacturer and 3rd largest battery manufacturer. They are experts in swapping stations & electronics, with 35 years of excellence in Microtek and 19 years of experience in software. With all these experiences, Okaya electric scooters aim to offer EVs at their best prices. It also offers solutions from EV batteries to EV charging and battery swapping solutions. The commitment towards Environmental Conservation Okaya has ventured into providing affordable and clean mobility via its range of zero-emission electric two-wheelers. Okaya produces five models: Faast F4, Faast F2T, Faast F2B, Freedum and Classiq+.

With a history of over four decades, Okaya has firmly established itself as a trusted and renowned symbol of quality in India. As a trailblazer in the battery manufacturing industry, Okaya leverages its extensive expertise to venture into the Electric Mobility sector. Today, armed with vast experience, Okaya has made its foray into the Electric Mobility space, offering a comprehensive range of Electric Vehicles, EV Batteries, Charging, and Battery Swapping solutions. Driven by a solid commitment to the environment, Okaya proudly holds ISO 14001:2004 certification and strives to provide affordable, sustainable, and clean mobility through its Zero-emission electric two-wheelers.

Join forces with us, the leading charging station manufacturer in India and the third-largest battery manufacturer in the country, and embrace the power of innovation. Our capabilities extend beyond batteries as we combine 35 years of Microtek’s electronics excellence and 19 years of Okaya Infocom’s software expertise. With mastery over these three key domains—battery, electronics, and software—we are delighted to present Okaya Electric Vehicle, where our ultimate goal is to offer you the perfect product at the perfect price. Embark on this electrifying journey as we pave the way towards a brighter future.


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