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QJ Motorcycles, is a new generation of excellence paving the way for future mobility. China’s QJ Motor marked its entry into the Indian market last year with the debut of four new bikes, ranging from 250cc to 500cc.QJ Motor’s Indian portfolio consists of the SRC 250, SRC 500, SRV 300, and SRK 400.

Zhejiang Qianjiang Motorcycle Group Co., usually known as Qianjiang Motorcycle, is a Chinese motorcycle manufacturer founded in 1985 with a registered office in Winling (Zhejiang province). It is now one of the largest manufacturers of 2-wheeled vehicles in China. Since 1999, it has been marketing its models on foreign markets under the Keeway Motors brand. In 2006, the company won the motorcycle industry award as an exporter of the year; about 20% of the production is sold abroad. The company has a capital of more than 750 million dollars and has been listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange since 1999. The business has also established a reputation through international mergers and acquisitions of domestic motorbike firms. QJ Motor has been actively developing methods to provide cutting-edge technology, advanced equipment, high-end products, and market globalization for over three decades. It has developed into one of the few businesses in China making high-end motorcycles with large displacements.

QJ Motor has a five-year strategy to create a “Ten Billion Qianjiang” with the help of the Geely Group. The company is currently focusing on developing and producing crucial parts for new energy vehicles while continuing to grow its primary business of manufacturing motorcycles. QJ Motor is a part of the Geely Auto Group that employs more than 50,000 people and operates 12 plants and five global R&D centers in Frankfurt, Coventry, Gothenburg, Hangzhou, and Ningbo. Additionally, the Group employs more than 900 people in five international design studios in Barcelona, California, Coventry, Gothenburg, and Shanghai.


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