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With a rich history dating back to 1911, Benelli brothers from Italy has started a journey that of company which is still going on. Now, along the journey, in 2005, the company became part of the QJIAN JIANG group from China. The Italian influence is also limited to some models from the company headquarters in the design process. With growing competition from Japanese models, they were feeling the heat, which led to a tie-up with the QJIAN JIANG group. Motorcycles are known for their combination of Italian flair, performance, and value for money.

The company’s long-standing Italian heritage is evident in its motorcycles’ design, craftsmanship, and performance. Benelli has a rich racing history, with notable participation in events like the Isle of Man TT. This racing heritage influences the performance-oriented design of their motorcycles. The company offers a diverse lineup of motorcycles, catering to a wide range of riding preferences and styles. Their product range includes sportbikes, adventure bikes, cruisers, naked bikes, and scramblers. This diversity allows riders to choose a Benelli motorcycle that suits their needs and tastes. The company strongly emphasizes performance, and many of its models are equipped with powerful engines, responsive handling, and sporty characteristics. This makes them appealing to riders who seek an exhilarating riding experience.


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