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EVTRIC, a pioneering force in the field of sustainable mobility, specializes in the creation of e-scooters. We are designed for a future centred on energy conservation and cutting-edge innovation. Our commitment is to promote sustainable transportation through advanced technological prowess and dynamic designs.

As the pioneer of the Made in India initiative, EVTRIC is a shining example of innovation, conducting vital manufacturing operations in-house at a state-of-the-art facility. We have five large-scale facilities, more than 850 dedicated people, and a substantial impact on the automotive sector. Our primary objective is to uphold a stable ecosystem for motorcyclists throughout India while promoting a clean, green, and eco-friendly environment.

Our idea integrates cutting-edge mobility solutions with the existing environment to provide an intelligent commuter experience. We’ve started a journey to close the gap between the fundamental future of mobility and the state of affairs today, having established a strong presence in the industry.

Evtric Motors Private Limited was founded on December 21, 2020, and it is an unlisted private company that embodies our dedication to a greener future—strategically headquartered in Pune, Maharashtra. Our operations revolve around an authorized share capital of INR 5.00 crore, with a total paid-up capital of INR 2.60 crore.

EVTRIC’s commitment to excellence and sustainability is underscored by our active status, a testament to our ongoing commitment to progress. Under the directorship of Manoj Pandurang Patil and Aarti Manoj Patil, our pursuit of innovation and sustainable mobility continues to drive us forward.

EVTRIC Motors Private Limited is a beacon of transformative mobility solutions, with high-speed models like Rise, Ride, and Connect and slow-speed models like Mighty and Axis. Our comprehensive lineup forges a fundamental and forward-thinking future in transportation. Propelling both individual worlds and the larger global landscape toward innovative mobility solutions.


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