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Matter Electric Bikes emerges as a trailblazer within India’s electric motorcycle landscape. Defined by a philosophy rooted in innovation and the transformative potential of technology. Our narrative is one of continual innovation, intertwining the resolution of intricate challenges with the curation of unparalleled user experiences. Collaborative partnerships, sustainability, and pioneering advancements underscore the ethos that drives Matter EV’s pioneering journey.

At the core of our exponential growth lie visionary leaders—Mohal Lalbhai, Arun Pratap Singh, Saran Babu, and Prasad Telikapalli. Whose dynamic leadership has steered Matter EV to remarkable heights. They epitomize the vision and commitment that propel our strides within the burgeoning electric vehicle industry. The year 2023 marked a significant milestone with the overwhelming success of Matter AERA. India’s maiden Geared Electric motorcycle amassed a remarkable 40,000 pre-bookings. This triumph underscores our unwavering dedication to ecological responsibility and steadfast collaborations, notably with EarthDay.org. Embracing sustainability, Matter EV invests persistently in cell manufacturing and groundbreaking cell-chemistry research, contributing substantively to collective well-being.

Beyond conventional objectives, our mission revolves around driving sustainability initiatives and democratizing access to clean, cost-effective energy for every Indian household. With ambitious goals centered on reducing tailpipe emissions and fostering carbon-neutral practices. We aim to revolutionize energy consumption and distribution paradigms.

The zenith of our innovation materializes in the Concept EXE. This executive motorbike embodies visionary design, manual transmission, and a seamlessly connected experience. Equipped with revolutionary swapping technology. For extended travel and cost-efficient ownership, it stands as a testament to our commitment to exceeding aspirations. Matter EV proudly manufactures the AERA, India’s sole electric-powered motorcycle, heralding a new era in sustainable transportation. With unwavering dedication to innovation, sustainability, and groundbreaking technology, we are charting a transformative course toward a greener, more interconnected future.


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