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Bounce Infinity is a Bengaluru-based electric scooter company with first clever mobility solution with a mission of making daily commute quick, stress-free, reliable, and convenient. From covering long distances to providing last-mile support, we aim to address diverse mobility needs.

Bounce remains one of India’s fastest-growing start-ups, with the proud badge of having scaled to 100K transactions daily. Bounce’s valuation stood at a staggering 500 million USD 11 months from its conception. In its first year, Bounce facilitated 1,00,000 daily rides with a 30,000-strong scooter fleet. Bounce believes India’s journey of becoming electric should be accessible and inclusive. So, currently, they’re developing a mass-scale conversion solution across multiple corporations.

Bounce Infinity’s first product, the Bounce Infinity E1, was launched on April 18, 2022, offering swappable battery technology. This scooter design aims to make daily commutes quick, stress-free, reliable, and convenient. This scooter has everything to take a smooth ride on slick, bumpy city streets. The regenerative braking system of this scooter helps you recover energy whenever you hit the brake. The digital speedometer provides all the information you need on the screen. Enjoy a balance of reliability, efficiency, and performance ride with the Bounce Infinity E1. ,

This Bounce Infinity E1 will have a unique ‘battery-as-a-service’ (BaaS) subscription plan. The BaaS model envisages leasing the battery from a charging infrastructure company and swapping the battery in swapping stations for a recharged battery every time the battery gets discharged. Battery Swapping technology allows drivers to replace their depleted battery with a fully charged one in minutes, thus avoiding range anxiety issues. Not to mention, Bounce also has its swap stations for quick battery swapping of the Infinity E1 scooter.


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