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buying guide for motorcycle gloves in india
5 December 2023

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Long story short – Biker gloves are a vital part of riding motorcycle accessories and are mandatory in all riding scenarios except commuting.

Motorcycle gloves are a vital cog in the motorcycle accessories list of a professional rider. Like helmets, jackets, shoes, etc., gloves are also integral to the safety aspect of a rider. In long rides in varying weather conditions, gloves are a boon for the hands of the rider. In reality, riders give gloves less importance than helmets and jackets. Gloves also provide essential protection in the event of a crash. So here in this article, we will discuss all the aspects of motorcycle gloves and what we should take care of while buying riding gloves.

What are riding gloves or motorcycle gloves?

As the name suggests, motorcycle gloves are used while riding a motorcycle. Riding gloves come in various shapes and sizes and with different materials.

Are motorcycle gloves necessary?

Yes, if you are for long rides, motorcycle gloves are mandatory. In harsh environmental conditions like in hot and cold climates, hands can feel the same, affecting our ride quality and feel. It is also compulsory for off-roaders, while for street riders and commuters, gloves are optional. Another benefit is the protection it provides in case of a crash. It protects your skin from scratches, abrasions, cuts, and bruises.

Types of motorcycle gloves

The main types of riding gloves in the Indian market are as follows.

Types of Motorcycle Gloves

Street or Commuter gloves

These gloves are used in city riding conditions and mainly use leather or textile material. Leather gloves provide more protection in summer but are not suitable in wet conditions. Always opt for all-weather commuter gloves, which can become handy in all environments.

Adventure gloves

Adventure gloves provide comfort and protection equally, as they must be lighter for quick hand reflexes while offering good protection. In adventure gloves, the material mainly used is leather or textile.

Touring gloves

It is one of the most expensive glove types, with various sophisticated materials to provide advanced protection and rigid construction. Touring gloves need to face all types of extreme weather conditions for prolonged periods. They need to be waterproof at the same, gloves are not too heavy, and they reduce the rider’s comfort.

Racing gloves

These gloves offer the most protection and are made of pure, thick leather with limited ventilation to provide extra safety. Also, armored materials are present to avoid severe damage to the hands.

Dirt riding gloves

Dirt gloves have the least amount of protection and minimal armoring. For dirt rides, gloves must be very thin and flexible and offer excellent ventilation. Dirt gloves do not last long and are cheaper than other glove types.

Types of motorcycle gloves according to material

Natural leather

The most common and durable material for motorcycle gloves. It offers good abrasion resistance and protection in case of a crash.


Lightweight and breathable, it is often combined with leather for added protection. Some textile gloves offer waterproof membranes for riding in wet conditions.

Synthetic leather

It is a more affordable alternative to natural leather but may not offer the same level of protection or durability.

Where to buy motorcycle gloves?

Always purchase motorcycle accessories offline, as you want to know the product’s fit, size, and feel. On online websites, rates may be low compared to offline, but there is no option to check product quality, and there are chances of damage and cheating. You can also bargain to give products at an online price.

What kind of motorcycle gloves do I need?

It all depends upon the conditions and the situation of the ride. As discussed above, there are different motorcycle gloves for various scenarios.

How should motorcycle gloves fit?

Gloves should not be too loose or too tight. Gloves should not be too close, which can restrict blood flow and cause discomfort. Fingers should move comfortably after wearing the gloves. There should be no excess material that could bunch up and interfere with your grip on the handlebars. If possible, have a short ride with gloves to get a feel of the product.

What are the best motorcycle gloves for cold weather?

For cold weather conditions, leather material gloves are the best in the business. Also, check out for gloves with minimal air ventilation.

What are the best motorcycle gloves for wet weather?

For wet weather conditions, textile material gloves are the best. Also, check out gloves offering waterproof membranes for riding in wet conditions.

What additional features should we look for in bike gloves?

  1. Touchscreen compatibility: allows you to use your smartphone without taking your gloves off.
  2. Reflective material: improves visibility in low-light conditions.
  3. Ventilation: helps keep your hands cool in hot weather.
  4. Wrist closure: ensures a secure fit and prevents the gloves from slipping off.

What protection features should we look for in bike gloves?

  1. Knuckles: Look for gloves with hard knuckle armor for added protection in case of a fall.
  2. Fingers: Some gloves also offer padding or armor on the fingers for additional protection.
  3. Palm: The palm area should be reinforced with abrasion-resistant materials like leather or Kevlar.

What are heated biker gloves?

Heated motorcycle gloves keep gloves warm for certain hours upon charging the gloves. For gloves to stay warm for a long day or trip, you need to wire the gloves to the motorcycle battery hard. These gloves are only suitable for harsh, cold conditions. Otherwise, it is not that worthy.

What are the best biker gloves for hot weather?

For hot weather conditions, textile material gloves are the best. Also, check out for gloves with enough air ventilation.

When to replace biker gloves?

If there is wear and tear on any of the glove’s surfaces, it is high time to replace them with a brand-new pair of gloves.

What are the safest biker gloves?

Racing gloves are the safest as they provide the most features and protection, like full-gauntlet construction, reinforced knuckle guards, etc.

Which are the international biker glove brands?

Some of the renowned international brands are

  1. Dainese
  2. Revit
  3. Alpinestars
  4. KLIM
  5. Gerbing
  6. Velomacchi
  7. Held
  8. Oneal

Which are the domestic motorcycle glove brands?

When it comes to domestic brands, recommended ones are

  1. Cramster
  2. Rynox
  3. Mototech
  4. Solace
  5. Royal Enfield
  6. Probiker
  7. Seibertron

Which are the best gloves out there in the market?

This article guides you or provides tips for purchasing motorcycle gloves. That is the sole purpose of this article; hence, we will not suggest individual products here.


In this article, we have discussed almost all buying guide topics related to biker gloves. Things to note while purchasing motorcycle gloves are

  1. Biker gloves are mandatory as they provide enough protection.
  2. Always try to buy motorcycle gloves offline.
  3. Purchase gloves from quality brands.
  4. Wear gloves and feel the product before purchase.
  5. Understand the types of motorcycle gloves and select the one that suits your needs.
  6. Biker gloves should not be too loose or too tight.
  7. Leather-made gloves are the best for cold weather, while textile-made gloves are the best in hot climate conditions.
  8. If you need maximum protection, opt for racing gloves.
  9. Always replace gloves if there is wear or tear.
  10. Never purchase gloves from roadside shops as the quality is deficient and cheap.
  11. You can consider heated biker gloves if you live in harsh, cold conditions.

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