Top 10 proven tips to increase two wheeler mileage

3 April 2022

Long story short – Timely servicing of motorcycle is the important thing to do as far as to improve mileage figures.

Surging petrol price

With soaring petrol prices month by month, we as a two-wheeler customer need to ramp up mileage figures of our motorcycle isn’t it?. Everyone owns a two-wheeler to get a thing done fast and also keep daily fuel expenses in check. So what are the proven ways? Let’s get into each of these tips one by one.

Top 10 Mileage Tips

1. Get regular service on time – the crucial fuel economy tip

General service is the most important thing to be done as the engine oil, air-filter needs to be changed and cleaned on time. Also, the initial 1000kms of the two-wheeler is very vital and needs utmost care.

2. Maintain correct tyre pressure

Tyre pressure monitoring every month if you are filling nitrogen in tyres. If the air is in place of nitrogen, weekly monitoring is a must. For tubeless tyres, nitrogen is the best while for tube tyres air does the job well. Among tube and tubeless tyres, the latter is the best in all terms. Always follow manufacturer mentioned tyre pressure figures.

3. Always park the vehicle in the shade

Keeping a motorcycle under sunlight for prolonged hours results in some amount of fuel to evaporate. Not a crucial factor yet every drop is precious.

4. Motorcycle chain maintenance is vital

Regular lubing and chain slack needs to be checked according to the area where you reside depending on environmental conditions. In dusty and urban conditions lubing is needed more frequently. Also chain slack should be neither too loose nor too tight because it affects power delivery from the engine to the rear wheel.

5. Do modification with utmost care

Custom motorcycle accessories like silencers, air filters and extra-wide tyres have an impact on mileage and need to be enquired with the dealer. Try to use manufacturer-approved accessories as much as possible.

6. Use clutch wisely

Try to minimise the use of clutch as much as possible and also tight clutch settings does far more good to the overall vehicle than a loose clutch.

7. Try to hit sweet spot rpm

Every engine has a sweet spot rpm range where the engine provides maximum fuel efficiency and lesser load. Try to hit that and ride in that range. Most of the best mileage bikes have markings on the tachometer to aid assistance to the rider.

8. Don’t be harsh on the accelerator and brakes

Excessive acceleration and hard braking affect mileage figures seriously. So calm and disciplined riding is the way forward to avoid huge holes in the wallet.

9. Turn off the engine while idle

Turn off the engine whenever there is a possibility in places like traffic signals, traffic roadblocks etc. Keep in mind that the engine needs fuel even when it is idling.

10. Try to use higher gears

Try to reach and maintain fourth and above gears and also avoid riding at low speed with a higher gear. Correct gear at the right speed is a vital thing. Avoid roads with high traffic and opt for good roads with less traffic.