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must have bike accessories for motorcycle trip
19 December 2023

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Long story short: If the right bike accessories are there on your long trip, you travel more comfortably, and so will you mentally and physically.

Long-distance bike rides with your friends or loved ones are an excellent experience. The interest in taking long rides with your motorcycle in India is multiplying, and so is the interest in the same. However, long bike rides can be physically and mentally exhausting for the riders. So we need some experience and accessories to make your ride as comfortable as possible. To gain expertise first, you must take much shorter trips and gradually increase the trip distance range, which is the only way to gain experience. Suppose a person goes for a motorcycle trip once in their lifetime. In that case, their desire to go on yet another trip is enormous. Your connection with nature is stronger and more evident than other modes of transport.

That is the beauty of a bike trip, and like everything of this nature, this also has pros and cons. Our discussion is not about the pros or cons of motorcycle trips; instead, we will focus on the bike accessories or things you must carry or take while planning a long journey. We will guide you on the same and help you suggest must-have bike accessories and optional accessories that a rider must consider during their long trip.

Bike accessories list for a long trip

Motorcycle long trip accessories list
Motorcycle long trip accessories list

Full Face Helmet

Do not even think about planning a trip without a helmet. We recommend using a full-face helmet with good ventilation and a UV light protection visor. One thing to note is that in some states in India, cameras are not allowed to be mounted on the helmet, which will invite you fine.

Travel Bag

Opt for a bag with a water-resistant feature and enough space. There are several types of bags you can consider, and some of them are

  1. Saddle bags
  2. Tank bags
  3. Tail bags
  4. Panniers

Riding jacket

A professional riding jacket has many features and gives decent protection to your elbow joints, etc. Besides safety, it protects against harsh climates, whether cold or hot. So, choose a riding jacket that adapts to various climate conditions, including rain.

Riding pants

Like a riding jacket, riding pants have many features and safety mechanisms for your ankles and knees. Another major USP of riding pants is the materials used, as they provide excellent comfort. If you are on a tight budget, you can opt for jeans, also.

Riding gloves

Another essential accessory that most riders ignore. It protects your hands against bruises in case of a fall, extreme climate conditions, etc. Even in extreme conditions, gloves provide excellent grip and protection for fingers and wrists.

Riding shoes

Professional riding shoes are what we recommend, but if not available, then opt for regular boots that offer enough ankle protection. Avoid using sneakers, running shoes, etc., as they are not made for this and can easily cause issues.

First aid kit

While delivering their motorcycles to customers, all companies provide standard tools and first aid kits. But the reality is that a first aid kit is what we least think about and care about. The first aid kit should contain

  1. Antiseptic wipe
  2. Antiseptic cream
  3. Bandages
  4. Medical adhesive tape
  5. Pain reliever tablet
  6. Small cutter/knife/scissors

Make sure all these are available in your first aid kit, and check whether the above items are expired or not in the existing first aid kit.

Vehicle papers & Spare key

All motorcycle papers like a Driving license, Registration certificate, Pollution certificate, and Insurance certificate should be there with you, and you need to carry the originals. Apps like Digilocker are there to make matters easy, but in remote areas, the internet connection will be abysmal. The vehicle must have a comprehensive insurance plan. To learn more about bike insurance, check out this article. A spare key is another mandatory thing; you are doomed if the key is lost on your trip.

Phone, Mobile charger & Powerbank

All three are necessary; we can expect any situation while on a motorcycle trip. So keeping these things in your bag and being prepared helps to tackle challenging problems smoothly.

Offline Google Map / GPS Device

Do not rely purely on the internet or Google Maps all the time on a trip. Instead, try downloading an offline Google map of the area you will visit. Otherwise, you can use a dedicated GPS device for the same, but you must learn how to use it in advance.

Tyre repair kit, Tool kit & Chain lube

The name mentions the importance, and you must learn how to use it. Repair shops are nonexistent in remote areas, and skilled people are fewer. Also, you can encounter several roads that are not paved, increasing the chances of a puncture. Motorcycle chains can get dirty while facing off streets, resulting in performance loss and mileage drop. So, a chain lube is also handy. Make sure the company tool kit is there within your motorcycle.

Phone mount

A phone bike mount is a handy accessory that you can use to mount your phone on your motorcycle. Reaching into your pocket for your phone when riding induces concentration and focus loss, resulting in accidents.


Optional, as the latest riding jackets and pants are water resistant and have several excellent features. If these are not available with you for the next trip, make sure the raincoat is there in your travel bag.

Bungee cord & Torch

A Bungee cord is a stretchable type used to tie and hook bags on your motorcycle. It is beneficial for your travel bags and is mandatory when there is more than one bag to carry. A torch is also needed when you check deep inside the vehicle in case of breakdown and low light outside conditions.


We have discussed which bike accessories you must take for your next long motorcycle trip. There might be accessories other than this that can change or vary according to the person. Here, we focus on the mandatory accessories one must carry, regardless of place and people. Now, let’s summarize all those essential accessories in a nutshell.

  1. Full face helmet
  2. Travel bag
  3. Riding jacket
  4. Riding pants
  5. Riding gloves
  6. Riding shoes
  7. First aid kit
  8. Vehicle papers & spare key
  9. Phone, Mobile charger & Powerbank
  10. Offline Google Map / GPS Device
  11. Tyre repair kit, Tool kit & Chain lube
  12. Phone mount
  13. Raincoat
  14. Bungee cord and Torch

If you have any other doubts or queries, email us at We are always eager to help and assist you. Also, here are several social media platforms of Bikeleague India to raise your suspicions.

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