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Techo Electra is a prominent name in India’s electric two-wheeler industry, renowned for its commitment to seamlessly integrating modern technology, bold design aesthetics, and an unwavering dedication to quality. The company has emerged as a pioneering force in the electric vehicle sector, driven by a mission to simplify the riding experience and revolutionize traditional mobility. Founded by a team of innovators, designers, and passionate bikers, Techo Electra operates from a state-of-the-art R&D facility in Pune, strategically located in the heart of India’s automobile industry. With a clear vision, they aspire to lead the way as the premier electric two-wheeler manufacturer in India, leveraging their expertise and innovative designs.

At the core of Techo Electra’s mission lies an unwavering commitment to innovation. Bolstered by a team of highly skilled engineers and state-of-the-art R&D facilities, they continuously strive to set new benchmarks in India’s electric two-wheeler sector. Techo Electra recognizes that the electric vehicles of the future must seamlessly blend innovation with rigorous testing to ensure the safety and trust of their customers.

Quality is a cornerstone of Techo Electra’s ethos, and their electric scooters undergo rigorous testing processes that exceed industry standards. They take immense pride in delivering intelligent, practical, and safe products that adhere to the highest testing standards, ultimately adding significant value to both customers and the industry at large. The company’s guiding principles revolve around three essential pillars: Technology, Design, and Quality. They firmly believe that innovation is the key to creating products for tomorrow, today. Electric mobility represents the epitome of automotive innovation and offers a pathway to a more sustainable and joyful future. Techo Electra’s ultimate goal is to celebrate freedom, with an ‘E,’ by empowering everyone with equal access to electric mobility. Their aim is to make superior mobility accessible to all, reshaping the way we travel and experience the electric dream.

Techo Electra stands as a symbol of innovation and practicality, offering a diverse range of feature-packed vehicles tailored for distinct purposes. These vehicles have received certification and approval from ARAI and the Government of India, reflecting Techo Electra’s unwavering commitment to exceeding industry standards. With a primary focus on prioritizing the freedom of mobility, they aim to provide limitless experiences on every route. When you choose Techo Electra, you embark on a journey where innovation and quality redefine your ride, representing the future of sustainable and accessible electric mobility in India.



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