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YO Bykes pioneered battery-operated electric scooters in India. They materialized green and economical traveling options for everyone. Having tons of facilities and comfort with an easy economic range and options, this is for everyone who wants to contribute to the environment by making a sustainable choice and simultaneously riding around the streets in style. Using advanced technology and years of experience, thus the company has gone a long way in the electric vehicle sector in India. Electrotherm (I) Ltd, is the company behind all this and introduced e-bikes in India and with more than one lakh happy customers. Since they gel well with nature, they are indeed an intelligent choice for the greener tomorrow.

Founded in 1983, Electrotherm (I) Ltd (ET) is a leading conglomerate from Gujarat, having a primary interest in electricals and electronics engineering. With a strong focus on product development, technological innovation, and after-sales service, ET has emerged as the most trusted name in the foundry and steel/alloy industry for providing unmatched technical leadership. Today, Electrotherm (I) Ltd operates in more than 40 countries globally, with an annual turnover of more than INR 2500 Cr. (approx. USD 350 Million); ET is one of India’s fastest-growing mid-size companies.

Yo Bykes portfolio consists of two models, YO Drift DX and YO Edge DX. Yo Bykes company says both models are economical, eco-friendly, convenient, and safe. Both models are available in battery options VRLA and Lithium-ion. 3 in 1 locking system, a keyless start option, multiple ride options, front disc are the standout features. Yo Drift DX is an absolute value-for-money EV on a tight budget. Yo Bykes company says it is economical, eco-friendly, convenient, and safe that Yo Drift DX offers. Economical, eco-friendly, convenient, and safe is what Yo Bykes company says, and this is what Yo Edge DX offers.


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