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BMW Motorrad the distinguished motorcycle division of the renowned German automotive giant BMW, boasts a compelling history that traces its origins to the early 20th century. Originally established as an aircraft engine manufacturer, BMW pivoted its focus to the automotive world following World War I, thus initiating its iconic motorcycle lineage. The inaugural BMW motorcycle, the R32, debuted in 1923, featuring a distinctive flat-twin boxer engine that has since become synonymous with the brand.

Over the decades, BMW Motorrad has consistently been at the forefront of innovation within the motorcycle industry. The company has pioneered technologies like telescopic forks, hydraulic damping, and straight-travel rear-wheel suspension, showcasing BMW’s unwavering commitment to advancing motorcycle engineering. This dedication to excellence extends to various motorsports disciplines, where BMW has left an enduring mark in superbike racing, road racing, and endurance rallies.

Presently, BMW Motorrad offers a diverse range of motorcycles tailored to cater to a wide spectrum of riders and preferences. From high-performance superbikes like the M 1000 RR to versatile roadsters such as the G 310 R and adventure touring motorcycles like the G 310 GS, BMW’s portfolio exemplifies its commitment to delivering the ultimate riding experience. The lineup includes modern classics, urban mobility vehicles in the form of scooters, and avant-garde models like the upcoming R nineT Racer and R1300 GS.

BMW Motorrad’s global sales have mirrored this success, with 136,963 vehicles sold in 2015, reflecting a 10.9% increase from the previous year. The brand utilizes a three-segment nomenclature for its motorcycles, providing enthusiasts with a systematic way to discern the unique features and capabilities of each model. Looking ahead, BMW Motorrad has set ambitious goals for global expansion, with a particular emphasis on significantly increasing sales figures. The collaboration with TVS has played a pivotal role in this strategy, leading to the development of the 310cc motorcycles designed to tap into a broader market segment. BMW Motorrad stands as a paragon of innovation and performance in the motorcycle industry. From its origins in aircraft manufacturing to becoming a dominant force on two wheels, BMW Motorrad continues to shape the future of motorcycling, offering riders a diverse and exhilarating range of machines that embody the spirit of the ultimate riding experience.



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