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Ultraviolette Automotive Pvt Ltd was established in 2016 and is an Indian electric vehicle startup company based in Bangalore, India. Narayan Subramanian and Niraj Rajmohan found it. This company is an innovator in sustainable mobility and energy infrastructure. The main motto of this company is to produce top-of-the-line mobility solutions driven by energy-efficient technology. The company has received 15 million US Dollars in Series C Funding from TVS Motor Company and Zoho Corporation till 2022.

Ultraviolette is now developing India’s first ecosystem of high-performance electric vehicles. As a part of that, it has launched the F-Series – Fighter Jet Inspired motorcycles. There are three variants- F77, F77 RECON & F77 LIMITED. This series of motorcycles get advanced features and eye-catching designs. It equips with a permanent magnet AC motor, a battery with the five most advanced safety features, and three riding modes. The base variant of the F77 has a range of 206km, while the F77 Recon and Limited Edition have a range of 307km.

Ultraviolette provides a standard charger capable of adding up to 35km per hour. An optional Boost charger is available for upgrade at the time of purchase. The Boost charger can add up to 75 km per hour per charge. The chargers do require a 15 Amp socket with proper earthing to function. The F77 also supports charging from the ever-growing public charging infrastructure. The motorcycle is equipped with an IEC 62196-6 connector capable of fast charging.

three levels of regenerative braking features are available on all F77 motorcycles. This setting lets you customize the Regen level based on your riding preference. The F77 comes with a Park assist mode that will help in both reverse and forward directions, and the speed would be limited to 3 KMPH. The F77 has the latest GPS, LTE, Bluetooth connectivity, and other sensors. With high brightness and ultra-sharp display, you can enjoy a seamless experience of integrated maps, incoming call alerts, and music controls.


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