Top 10 electric scooters with highest range in India

Top 10 electric scooters with highest range in India
17 March 2024

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Find the top 10 / best electric scooters with the highest range in India, ensuring an economical choice.

The shift from conventional petrol heads to electric ones is more evident in the scooter segment across India. The main concern about electric scooters is range anxiety, which is a significant issue. But long rides with scooters have very little chance, and hence, so is the range of anxiety issues.

Another point to note here is that electric scooter manufacturers want to avoid installing high-capacity batteries as the overall cost of the electric scooter will be very high, and so is the overall weight of the vehicle. So, they are not compromising too much on the range but also not providing too much range. So here in the article below, we will give you the list of top 10 e-scooters with the highest range in India. Along with this, check our article for essential electric bike maintenance tips for longevity in this article.

Top 10 electric scooters with the highest range in India

1. Simple One (212km, 5KW)

Introducing the Simple One, A Contemporary Marvel in Electric Mobility. The Simple One, a revolutionary electric scooter crafted by Bengaluru-based EV trailblazers Simple Energy, emerges as a beacon of innovation in electric mobility. Offering a single variant with a captivating array of six distinct colors, this eco-friendly marvel embodies a blend of futuristic design, unparalleled performance, and cutting-edge features.

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2. Ola S1 Pro (195km)

The Ola S1 Pro performs best in a scooter with Hyper-mode acceleration. This scooter is built for all kinds of roads with the most stable handling and great Cruise control, and it is ready for all situations. The Ola S1 PRO has a boot space of 36 liters that fits a week’s groceries. Now, one can customize their favorite mood and widgets to one’s taste and usage. Connect your phone and stay up to date; track your scooter and control it remotely before a ride and after reaching your destination.

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3. Ola S1 X (190km)

The Ola S1 X is an electric scooter that arrived in the Indian market with lots of features. Its design and styling are so excellent and available in 7 color variants. The Ola S1 X is a good option for those looking for an affordable and stylish electric scooter with a decent range. The other features include a digital console, an LED headlamp, etc.S1 X is available in four variants.

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4. Okaya Faast F4 (160km)

The Okaya Faast F4 is India’s high-speed E-Scooter with an unrivaled range of 160km per charge. This scooter is performance-packed, loaded with features, and is here to change how India moves. Now, on highways or busy roads, the powerful 1200W motor ensures you easily reach your destination.

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5. Ather 450 Apex (157km)

The Ather 450 Apex is a special edition electric scooter that celebrates Ather’s ten years of existence. It is not commercially targeted but more of a passion project. The Apex marks the ceiling on how far the current platform can be pushed within safe thermodynamic limits. Power is up by about ten percent, now at 7kW, and the 450 can finally hit a top speed of 100kph. The scooter gets a new Warp+ mode that replaces the regular 450X Warp mode, and acceleration is more robust.

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6. Ola S1 Air (151km)

The Ola Electric scooters have launched their new model, OLA S1 AIR, into the market with spectacular design, superior performance, and futuristic technology. This electric scooter is lighter, faster, and nimbler, making your ride much more effortless. The OLA S1 AIR features a flatboard design, ample boot space, a grab handle, 3-riding modes, a 7-inch TFT touch screen, and a sculpted seat. Its riding range is 101km/charge with a top speed of 85kmph, making this scooter a perfect partner for your daily commute.

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7. Ather 450 X (150km)

The Ather 450 x is the first maxi-scooter from Suzuki for the Indian market, which sits on top of Suzuki’s automatic scooter line-up. It gets the same motor as the Access combined with the same chassis. It is also a feature-rich product with LED lamps on the front and the rear, and a fully digital instrument cluster gets a 124cc single-cylinder air-cooled mill that powers the Access 125.

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8. ADMS Eva (150km)

The ADMA Eva is an electric scooter that will revolutionize how you ride a traditional scooter. It has a strong hub motor and a smooth driving experience. It has been developed to give you the experience of living life magnified by giving you that extra edge on comfort, performance, convenience, savings, safety, and reliability. On the design front, the Primus gets family-friendly/conservative bodywork. The LED headlight, wide floorboard, long single-piece seat, and overall proportions seem similar to a conventional petrol scooter.

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9. TVS X (140km)

The TVS, a prominent name in the Indian two-wheeler industry, has taken a significant stride into the world of electric mobility with the launch of its latest innovation, the TVS X. As the company’s second foray into the electric vehicle segment and the first to focus on performance, the TVS X stands as a symbol of TVS’ commitment to cutting-edge technology and forward-thinking design. Derived from the groundbreaking Creon concept first unveiled a few years ago, the TVS X is not just an electric scooter but a vision for the future of urban commuting.

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10. Hero Optima CX 5.0 (135km)

The Hero Electric Optima CX 5.0 is a beacon of innovation and eco-consciousness in urban mobility. As our cities evolve towards sustainability, this electric scooter emerges as a pioneering choice for those who seek efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly transportation solutions.

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 List of top 10 electric scooters with the highest range in India
List of Top 10 electric scooters with the highest range in India

Which factors affect the range of electric scooters in India?

There are mainly three reasons for the same, and they are

1. Battery capacity – The more significant the battery, the more distance an electric scooter can travel on a single charge.

2. Riding Efficiency – Electric vehicles are more efficient at lower speeds than regular scooters.

3. Riding discipline – Aggressive riding, carrying heavy loads, and battling solid winds will reduce the real-world range.

What is the relation between range (km/charge) and battery capacity (KWh) in electric scooters ?

The relationship between range and battery capacity in electric scooters is generally proportional: larger battery-capacity electric scooters offer more range than smaller battery-capacity electric scooters, regardless of the motor’s specific power output.

What is the relation between battery capacity (KWh) and motor power (W) in electric scooters ?

The relationship between battery capacity and motor power is like this. Suppose you have a high-capacity battery electric scooter but a low motor power. It will take a long time to travel a long distance, even though a lot of energy is stored. Conversely, a low-capacity battery with high motor power will empty the battery quickly.


So, above is the list of the top 10 / best electric scooters in India with the highest range, and we are summarising this in a nutshell.

  1. Simple One
  2. Ola S1 Pro
  3. Ola S1 X
  4. Okaya Faast F4
  5. Ather 450 Apex
  6. Ola S1 Air
  7. Ather 450 x
  8. ADMS Eva
  9. TVS X
  10. Hero Optima CX 5.0

Remember, range is just one piece of the puzzle. Consider your riding style, budget, and desired features when choosing. Test-ride different electric scooters to find the perfect match. Also, range depends on proper maintenance, engine capacity, ride discipline, etc. If you have any other doubts or queries, email us at We are always eager to help and assist you. Also, here are several social media platforms of Bikeleague India to raise your suspicions.