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Adventure bikes vs Touring bikes which one is the best
12 December 2023

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Long Story Short: We will discuss choosing the best and guide you in detail between Adventure bikes and Touring bikes in detail.

Motorcycles or bikes come in different types; the main distinguishing factor is the body style, and there are, in total, 13 types. To get more info related to the same, check out this article. Here, we are going to discuss in depth the most looked-upon motorcycle types, and they are

  1. Adventure Motorcycles (ADV)
  2. Touring Motorcycles

Both these types of bikes have seen massive sales growth, and the main factor behind this is customer preference. Times had changed when the motorcycle was just a mode of transportation confined within city or district limits. The spending power and rising travel interests among Gen Z have catapulted the rise in these motorcycle types. With the latest generation of motorcycles, long-distance crunching is becoming easier and comfy due to the advances in technology offered by the latest bikes. The motorcycle is now an all-India travel machine. Now, you can continuously ride a bike for a month (while taking enough breaks and rest) to reach your dream destination. As we all know nowadays, a long ride to Kashmir on a motorcycle is a frequent post on social media.

Adventure Bikes Vs. Touring Bikes

As we all know, roads in India are only sometimes paved everywhere, as we often encounter off-roads. In long hauls or trips, offroads will be there, right? Absolute yes. Which one handles both Adventure bikes or Touring Bikes? We first need to understand this motorcycle type or body style to compare both.

What is a Touring Bike?

Touring Motorcycles in India
Hero Xpulse 200T 4V

Tourers are cruisers that can also do a bit of offroading work. They can handle both paved and offroads similarly. Tourers have many travel accessories, a major USP compared to cruisers. Styling is modern, and ergonomics is always on the comfortable side. Most tourer motorcycles are semi-naked, and engine capacity is around 350cc and above.

Some examples are

  1. Hero Xpulse 200T 4V
  2. BMW R 1250 GS
  3. Kawasaki Versys 650
  4. Triumph Tiger Sport 660

What is an Adventure Bike (ADV)?

Adventure Motorcycles in India
BMW R 1250 GS Adventure

Adventure bikes are tourer bikes with more suspension travel, offroad tires, and extra features. So they are also known as all-purpose, Dual sport,all-road, on/off-road which can handle all types of roads along with long-distance rides. The engine capacity of ADV bikes starts from around 650cc and above.

Some examples are

  1. BMW R 1250 GS Adventure
  2. Royal Enfield Himalayan 450
  3. KTM 390 Adventure
  4. Triumph Tiger 900 Rally
  5. Triumph Tiger 1200 Rally Pro

I hope you know the primary difference now between both.

Key similarities between Adventure and Touring Bikes

  1. They comfortably handle long trips and hauls.
  2. They can also take offroads along with paved roads.
  3. Both are touring bikes.
  4. Semi-naked in body style and have a windshield.
  5. Both come with enough features.

Difference between Adventure and Touring Bikes

Adventure Bikes Vs Touring bikes Comparison chart
Adventure Bikes Vs Touring Bikes Comparison chart
  1. Adventure bikes come with more features.
  2. Adventure bikes have more ride modes.
  3. Most Adventure bikes come with offroad tires.
  4. Adventure bikes come with heated grips and heated seats.
  5. Adventure bikes have more suspension travel.
  6. Most Adventure bikes have the stand-up capability.
  7. Adventure bikes have large fuel tanks.
  8. ADV bikes have extensive customization options.
  9. ADV bikes have extensive service intervals.

Which one is the best in the Adventure Bikes vs. Touring Bikes shootout?

Adventure Bikes, as the name mentions, are pure offroaders. Everything on ADV is designed and built for that. If you want to go deep into unexplored areas, then Adventure bikes are the ones to opt for. These bikes are big and more enormous in proportion. The more significant suspension travel, standing-up capability, different ride modes, heated seats, heated grips, and dual sport tyres aid offroading superbly in ADV bikes.

The customization options of the adventure bikes are jaw-dropping, and so is the price tag. You can add and replace most of the components in an adventure bike according to your convenience, and it can be made a motorcycle of yours entirely.

Adventure bikes’ serviceability, reliability, and affordability are superb, as the service interval is more extensive than touring bikes. Also, minimal bodywork confirms that critical components can be easily reached and repaired. The longevity of parts and vital components is higher and more rigid than other motorcycle types as they encounter different environmental conditions.

Riding on tighter roads and traffic might be uncomfortable on an Adventure bike. Keep that in mind. Suppose you are tight on budget but must traverse long distances, compromising pure offroading. In that case, touring bikes are the best option. Cost and customization options are less when compared to ADV bikes.


Adventure Bikes are SUVs of the motorcycle world while touring bikes are Sedans with little off-road capability. So if you need pure off-road experience, opt for ADV, that’s all. If you must compromise on price tag and off-road capabilities, go for Touring Bikes. Cruisers can also be considered if your ride is confined to paved roads. The final decision is all yours and depends upon the ride conditions you need to travel. The fundamental purpose of this article is to guide you in selecting the right one for your needs.

In this article, we hope all your doubts about buying an ADV or touring a motorcycle are cleared. If you have any other doubts or queries, email us at We are always eager to help and assist you. Also, here are several social media platforms of Bikeleague India to raise your suspicions.

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